LOCATION:  St Louis, Missouri

GOOD DEEDER:  Thousands of citizens of St Louis and surrounding counties!!

Heroes, what makes a person one?    Good deeds, what counts as one?    I have been posting inspirational stories for many months.   A few of these stories are something I have seen first hand.  The majority of them are from all over the country, some big, some small.   They all have one thing in common.   Love, kindness, empathy for others.

The lord works in ways we cannot predict.  When people are at their most vulnerable, when a natural disaster strikes, the hero is us just rises to take charge.   For those of you that are unaware.  St Louis has just seen its second 100 year flood in 2 years.   We received almost 10 inches of rain in one day, followed by over 4 inches of rain a few days later.   The flooding was immediate and severe.   People who lost everything just 2 years ago were facing it all over again.   Horrible doesn’t even describe the situation.    I witnessed first hand the destruction water can cause.   A national interstate highway was completely shut down for a 10 mile stretch.   As you can see in the pictures below, it was completely under water.

Glorious Good Deeds is about teaching, inspiring, and connecting people.   I was amazed at the thousands of people that came out to help people “defend” their property from the water.   Sandbagging, helping people relocate belongings and family members, providing food and water, shelter, and even God’s word.    I saw it all and was so very inspired.    Please, please consider others when there is a need.   The most valuable thing you can do to help others is donate your time and assistance.    God bless everyone, and please share this message and check us out.



Volunteers fill sandbags that will used to create a wall along the River Des Peres in St. Louis on December 29, 2015. Statewide, thirteen people have died due to flooding that may equal or surpass the Great Flood of 1993. Over 250 roads have been closed to to water over the roadways. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI59076d3f59df1_image


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