It starts with Glorious beginnings

Gloria was a force to be reckoned with, and the inspiration behind Glorious Good Deeds. She balanced her duties as a wife, mother and grandmother with a successful career and numerous personal interests, including cooking, singing and performing. She was creative, compassionate and a true perfectionist. Her faith and her family were her top priorities, but she always found time to help anyone who crossed her path.

Gloria was a truly generous soul, who cared for anyone in need. It would be impossible to list all her good deeds here. A sampling: Visiting nursing homes with sundries, and a gift of fellowship and song. Delivering homemade meals to elderly friends. Gathering toys for a local crisis nursery. Organizing Christmas gift drives for families in need, and personalizing each gift with homemade blankets, stuffed animals and books.

Gloria’s goodness touched everyone she met. She brought joy to many with her kind heart and giving nature, and touched thousands of lives with her beautiful soprano voice. She shared her faith and her huge smile with anyone in need, and never hesitated to take the extra step to make those around her feel important. Gloria was the most amazing woman. She was many things to many people, but to me, she was Mom. She was the heart of our family, and filled our home with light and laughter.

In 2014, Gloria was diagnosed with cancer. She was brave, even in the face of such grim news. She was strong and determined. Her faith in Jesus Christ never wavered. Despite the cancer, she continued to always put others first, without expectation of reward or recognition. Sadly, in 2015, Gloria passed away…but her impact lived on.

Gloria led a very full and busy life, but she always found time to help others. After her passing, I was blown away by the outpouring of love and kindness shared by so many, and by the many stories that were told of her selflessness. As I reflected on my mother’s passing, I realized that with her gone, all those good deeds my mother had been doing would come to an end. It seemed a shame that the world should lose this source of sunshine — until I realized that, guided by Christian love and kindness, and led by her example, I could carry on her legacy in my own life. Thus Glorious Good Deeds was born.

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The Values That Live On


Our Mission

To inspire a culture of kindness that fills the world with sunshine, one deed at a time.

We aim to provide both the means and the mindset to help “good deeders” inspire, educate and lead by example. Guided by Christian love and kindness, we aspire to provide volunteer communities and good deed ideas that will change the world for the better.

It’s Your Turn

Lead by example.

Let us inspire you through stories shared here. Let us connect you with people in need or give you ideas of good deeds that can be done on your own. Show love and kindness and be an inspiration to others. God bless you.