LOCATION: Kirkwood, MO

GOOD DEEDER: Shane and Team, Kirkwood Middle

We built our website to Inspire, Educate, and Connect people.  Many of our stories do a great job providing inspiration to do good things for others. This one focuses on getting out there and leading by example.

This posting’s Good Deeders are my son’s 7th grade ecology class.  It was time for them to choose a way to help the environment.  It was decided that they would clean up the trash on a stretch of road coming into our community.  It was an excellent way to help the environment we live in and give back to the community. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by either, I got up and decided to help clean the roadside with them.   What we found was really quite disgusting and it was eye opening for these kids.    In a 2 hour time period, our kids collected over 400 pounds of garbage from the roadside. WOW!  They bagged things such as cups, cans, glass bottles, fast food bags, olds broken toys,, tools, and much more.   The lesson here is two fold.  First, stop throwing trash out your car windows and show you care about our world.  Second, get out there for an hour with your friends and neighbors and clean up the community you live in.    We spent two hours of our time and made a difference, but there is much much more that can be done.

Take this idea and make it your own.   Get creative and lead by example.

Great job Class on this Glorious Good Deed, God Bless.

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