GOOD DEEDER: 12 Stone Church

At Glorious Good Deeds, It is our mission to provide both the means and the mindset to help “good deeders” inspire, educate and lead by example.

A church in northeast Atlanta did a “reverse offering” recently.  While every church may not have the means to do this, we can be inspired by this to lead by example.

Here is the write up on the event.

At the heart of 12Stone is the conviction that “One Matters”.

One of the ways we put that into practice is “One Kindness Matters”. On Sunday, Dec. 6th we did a reverse Christmas offering and gave $100 to each attending household. 12Stoners agreed to receive the offering (many will add to that $100, some significantly) and express acts of kindness across greater Gwinnett County.

Nearly $800,000 was distributed back into the hands of 12Stone families and will likely translate (as families add to it) into 1.5-2 million dollars of good will being poured out. From tires for a single mom, or feeding the hungry or Christmas for kids in need or clothing the homeless, or major blessing for a waitress/waiter, or covering utilities for a struggling family, kindness is king this Christmas!

God Bless


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