This is a great example of love and compassion.  We should all be so lucky in our time of need   GOD BLESS.

Written in her own words.

“I played 2 soccer games last night and when I was finished with the second one, I came out and was at the concession stand waiting to fill my water. I looked over and there is a mom holding her daughter and she was bleeding from the mouth.   The girl was young, about 1 1/2, and covered in blood because she fell and her teeth went through her bottom lip.  Her husband and sister were standing right there with her and the rest of her kids as well. I over heard them talking about going to the hospital. Forgetting my water I walked over and told them I was headed to hwy 40 they could follow me. Her husband and her both looked at me like I was the best thing on the earth. They kept asking if I was sure I wanted to, I said absolutely.   It was her husbands’ first soccer game and she wanted him to play.   With my help with their child, his wife told him to stay and play his game.  Her sister stayed to keep an eye on the 3 older kids.  I grabbed her youngest that was 1 month old and we headed to her van. Helped her get them in and ran her other kids carseats back inside for her and then jumped in my car. With her baby girl bleeding like crazy with my flashers on we got from vetta to Progress West in 10 min. I went all the way with her to the hospital helped her get inside and settled in a room and she couldnt thank me enough for helping her out even though it was her 5th kid. I gave her a hug and said Merry Christmas and her little one still bleeding gave me a high 5 and a hug! Just had to share. Just felt good to help out a stranger! #actofkindnesscanneverhurt.”

What a great thing to do and a Glorious Good Deed.    God Bless.

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