GOOD DEEDER: Anonymous Female

At the core of the Meals on Wheels service is a nutritious meal, companionship and a watchful eye on the health and safety of our seniors. For those who have trouble getting around, MOW brings the service to them. A close friend of my mother has been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for many years. Part of the impact of the MOW program is the affect the delivery person can have on the senior receiving the food. You see, the food isn’t just delivered and you leave. It is much more. You get to know these people and care about them. You may be their only visitor each day and the human interaction becomes something they look forward to. My mother’s friend, who wishes to be anonymous, did something a little extra that I thought was a perfect Good Deed. During some of her deliveries she would bring her Grand Daughter along with her. She told me how the 5 year old girl would energize the seniors and they would perk up more than usual. She even had a gentleman tell her that he loved her visits and especially the little girl’s conversation. She is doing her part already with delivering the food. But she is taking it farther by becoming a valuable part of these people’s lives and brightening their day. She is making friendships that are truly impactful. We are all God’s children, we should respect and love one another.

Awesome Job with this Glorious Good Deed.

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