The following is from Barbara J. I had asked her to tell me about the wonderful things they have done over the years.

“About 20 years ago a couple of other Coldwell Banker agents and I started holding a “country store” at the Parkwood Nursing home in Snellville, about 6 times a year. As time went on I went to another brokerage and my helpers dwindled away. When Gloria became the broker at Coldwell Banker she heard about the “country store” and came to the rescue. She came with me every time and brought bags of items for the store. We brought items such as tissues, lotions, deodorants and also some fun things like costume jewelry, stuffed animals, and makeup. We set it up on tables and the residents lined up for their “purchases”. Of course there was no charge, but we had set a limit of 2 items per resident. I often caught your mom giving away extra items with a hug and a smile.

Every Christmas for many years we played Secret Santa at the nursing home- we got names and gift ideas for the residents and purchased and wrapped the gifts for their Christmas party. I usually got volunteers to provide most of the gifts. Keller Williams agents (1 in particular) helped and one year we had over 150 gifts. Your mom always volunteered for at least 20 on her own! She helped me right up until last year. When I called her in November she told me she wasn’t well enough.

Gloria also volunteered at another nursing home on a weekly basis. I think she helped with their Bingo night. I know she brought goodies to them as well. And she had so much else she did for others, that I couldn’t keep track of.

Tony, I haven’t been back to the nursing home since Christmas. There are other reasons for that, but her not being here to help is a big one. Yet here she is once again inspiring me to get the country store program going again.”

It makes me very proud to hear the stories of how my mother helped others. It also inspires me to carry that on. Barbara, excellent job with your “country store”, it is truly a Glorious Good Deed. God Bless.

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