This is Nancy. She is in her 70’s with failing health and has to move around using a walker. We did a baptism service a few weeks back and it was her desire to get baptized. We couldn’t have her climb the steps into the baptistery.


Next to Nancy is Ray. Ray serves as an usher at Grafted Church. Ray keeps guard of the church building and the church body. Each week he tends to the needs of Nancy and many others coming, going, & moving around in the church. But Ray also encourages Nancy and others constantly giving Gospel perspective at any stage and situation in life.


Since Nancy couldn’t get into the baptistery, Ray helped her get to the front of the church and have a seat on the bench. He held her hand so she could lean back & we could pour water over her head baptizing her. Ray has developed a God-like love toward His people to care for them.


What’s truly amazing is that Ray had a most excellent example in loving and caring for Nancy as he watched Gloria Bailey care for her for several years at the church in very similar ways. Ray’s personal ministry reflects the legacy of the good deeds of Gloria.


Ray, God Bless you for your Glorious Good Deed

Her baptism is around 4:40 on the video: View on YouTube