I sat and watched the news tonight and saw a fine example of a “Glorious Good Deed”.   The story was about the new building that is being built at Children’s Hospital campus here in St Louis.   The iron workers that are putting up the building started noticing a little girl in a hospital room window looking at them and waving.   As the days would go by, they noticed she was still there and waving at them.   The girl was at hospital getting treatment for Cancer.   She would sit in the window and wave while she got her chemo treatment.   The little girl touched their hearts as they saw her each day.   The workers know the building they are putting up will help more children just like this little girl.   The workers wanted to give the girl a get well message so they permantly put “Get Well Soon” on the Iron gerter.   She saw the message and was thrilled.   Sometimes it is just the little heartfelt message that can make such a strong impact in someone’s life. See pics and video below.

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Check out this story on USATODAY.com http://usat.ly/1EvMwnd